Activism & Leadership for Youths

Helping students become future leaders

What is ALFY?

Activism & Leadership for Youths is an organization dedicated to empowering other students to give back and to make a difference in their communities while teaching them valuable life skills.

Our mission is to help students create and accomplish activism projects by breaking down the process of activism into smaller steps and guiding students through those steps.

A brief introduction

What is activism?

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The 3-step process: Brainstorm, Action, Modify!


Planning. Think about the issues you care about, your goals, and your action steps.


Action! Turn your plans into outcomes, and overcome obstacles along the way.


Modify. What have you learned, and how can you improve and expand your project?

Our goals

To help students develop the skills necessary to perform activism projects

To help students create successful activism projects

To grow our project so that it reaches many schools and students